Take the #smileSAFE pledge with us and become a Homeroom Hero!

We know that going back to school this year will feel a little different! Whether you find yourself in the classroom full time, in shifts, or only for exams, docbraces and our family of orthodontic clinics across Canada want to do our part to make your return to the classroom a little safer.

Pledge to keep yourself and your classmates safe by practicing proper hand-washing, social distancing and mask etiquette. Encourage your friends and family to pledge with you so they can smile safe, too!

We all have a role to play. Take the pledge to #smileSAFE and be a hero in your homeroom this fall.

Canada's #smileSAFE Pledge Counter

Homeroom Heroes Across Canada Have Taken the Pledge to #smileSAFE

Be a Homeroom Hero! Take the Pledge to #smileSAFE Today.

By submitting the form below I pledge to help keep myself, my classmates, and my community safe as we return to school this Fall.

I will support others in my class and community and make every effort to be part of the solution as I recognize that this is a stressful and overwhelming time for many.

Small things make a big difference & I am committed to reducing the spread of COVID-19 in my school and in my community.

I will practice proper handwashing technique with regular frequency throughout the day. 

I will maintain distancing, whenever possible, as directed by my teachers and school.

I will alert my teacher  or parents if I am feeling unwell or if I observe unsafe conditions or behaviours.

I will wear my mask at all times when/where required & use proper technique when putting on, & taking off, my mask.

Important Safety Posters For Your Classroom

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Hand Washing Hygiene

Safe Mask Wearing

Mask Cleaning, Storage & Disposal

You can download and print these posters to hang in your classroom,

so you can help spread knowledge and reduce the spread of COVID-19!

We Create Beautiful Smiles...Safely!

Just like our own families, your safety is our top priority. As healthcare professionals who have always followed strict hygiene and sterilization practices as a matter of everyday protocol, our team recently implemented important additional measures to help protect the health of our patients, their families, and our local communities.

Dr. Jocelyne Shim

docbraces Toronto